CEE News Top 50 Contractors

The year 2001 may have been an odyssey of opportunity for some, but for most of the country's largest electrical-contracting firms, it turned into an economic oddity. For electrical contracting, it seemed the bigger the business, the bigger the financial woes.

The electrical-contractor Top 50 surveys for Electrical Wholesaling's sister publication CEE News came back full of phrases like “economic pressures,” “economic downturn,” and “continued recession.” The word contractors used most to describe business in 2001 was “flat.” The most popular word to forecast 2002 and beyond? “Flat” again.

Recession or not, some contractors found a way to profit and grow. Posting big gains in 2001 were Rosendin Electric Inc., San Jose, Calif.; Mass Electric Construction Co., Boston; and Morrow-Meadows Corp., Walnut, Calif. Capital Electric, Kansas City, and Fisk Electric, Houston, continued strong and steady. Fourth-ranked Quanta Services Inc., Houston, a contractor consolidator, reported a whopping 58 percent increase.

Contracting consolidators, those giant national firms that rose up in the late 1990s, took the brunt of the bad economy in 2001. Integrated Electrical Services Inc., Encompass Services Corp. and Quanta Services Inc., all of Houston, are struggling with debt and sluggish markets. Meanwhile, the telecom division of Bracknell Corp., Minneapolis, filed for Chapter 11.

The four consolidators, formed from hundreds of local and regional electrical, telecom and mechanical businesses, acquired successful contractors and planned to standardize office procedures and product purchasing to maximize profits. But it simply hasn't happened. The consolidators cite reasons that range from overextension of capital to a collapsing telecom market. Some analysts believe that the contractor consolidation is failing because financial people run the companies — not electrical contractors, who understand construction's ebb and flow.

One shining exception to the corporate contractor conundrum has been EMCOR Group, Norwalk, Conn., which made Fortune magazine's most admired companies list. EMCOR reported flat sales and a flat 2002 outlook, but it remains the only publicly traded consolidator still turning a profit; at press time EMCOR's stock was trading at over $60 a share.

Encompass, like many companies, blames financial troubles on the collapse of its faltering telecom market, the tragic events of Sept. 11 and a general economic downturn. The company also predicts flat sales for 2002.

Things could even get worse for the consolidators, according to a report from Standard and Poor's. Encompass is trying to get through 2002 without violating its lending agreements, like it did in 2001; Integrated Electrical Systems and Encompass both had their credit ratings lowered early in 2002; and Quanta Services reportedly is in a power struggle with its biggest investor, UtiliCorp United Inc.

Power struggle or not, Quanta seems to be doing just fine. “We expect continued growth and demand for our services… though a continued economic downturn may lead to less demand,” said John Colson, Quanta CEO.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in this year's Top 50 report, is the top challenges. Last year, 59 percent of the survey respondents listed finding qualified personnel as the top challenge for 2001. This year, competitive bidding came in No. 1, beating the perennial-favorite contractor complaint — the skilled labor shortage.

The 50 largest contractors are listed two ways on the subsequent pages: by the region(s) in which they do business and by rank with key information. Check out your region(s) and then read the company capsules. You're sure to garner some valuable customer knowledge.


National 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Integrated Electrical Services Inc. $1,693,000,000 1
Encompass $1,635,000,000 2
EMCOR Group $1,371,000,000 3
Quanta Services Inc., $791,847,000 4
Henkels & McCoy Inc. $683,633,000 5
MYR Group Inc. $650,000,000 6
Cupertino Electric $510,000,000 7
Bracknell Corp. $632,000,000 8
Mass. Electric Construction Co. $377,022,339 9
Sargent Electric Co. $156,000,000 21
Constar International Inc. $140,000,000 24
M.J. Electric $138,000,000 25
EEI Holding Corp. $88,000,000 37
New England 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. $111,733,000 30
*Another Player: E-J Electric Installation Co.
Middle Atlantic 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Petrocelli Electric Co. $170,000,000 18
E-J Electric Installation Co. $111,200,000 31
O'Connell Electric Co. $63,000,000 47
*Other Players: ERMCO Inc., Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. and Hatzel & Buehler Inc.
East North Central 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Motor City Electric Co. $162,150,000 19
GEM Industrial Inc. NA 22
Aldridge Electric Inc. $120,000,000 27
Kelso-Burnett Co. $112,000,000 29
ERMCO Inc. $68,000,000 43
Lake Erie Electric Inc. $47,465,510 49
*Other Players: Sachs Electric Co., Sargent Electric Co., Guarantee Electrical Co., Inglett & Stubbs Inc., Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. and Hatzel & Buehler Inc.
West North Central 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Sachs Electric Co. $200,000,000 14
Guarantee Electrical Co. $128,000,000 26
Capital Electric Construction Co. Inc. $103,500,000 34
Commonwealth Electric Co. $60,802,000 45
*Another Player: Inglett & Stubbs Inc.
South Atlantic 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Inglett & Stubbs Inc. $116,000,000 28
Aneco Inc. NA 36
Miller Electric Co. $84,000,000 38
Truland Systems Co. $83,498,963 39
Cleveland Electric Co. $83,000,000 40
Hatzel & Buehler Inc. $63,960,000 46
Mona Electric Group Inc. $52,000,000 48
Patrick Power Corp. (Driscoll Ltd.) NA 50
*Other Players: Red Simpson Inc., Bergelectric Corp., Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc., MMR Group Inc. and ERMCO Inc.

East South Central

*Players: Red Simpson Inc., Sargent Electric Co., Inglett & Stubbs Inc. and Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc.

West South Central 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Fisk Electric Co. $290,000,000 12
Red Simpson Inc. $197,000,000 15
The Newtron Group $153,700,000 23
MMR Group Inc. $104,000,000 33
Industrial Specialty Contractors LLC $67,000,000 44
*Other Players: Amelco Corp. and Motor City Electric Co.
Mountain 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Ludvik Electric Co. $82,800,000 41
Cache Valley Electric Co. $80,876,485 42
*Other Players:
Rosendin Electric Inc., SASCO Group, Fisk Electric Co., Morrow-Meadows Corp., Amelco Corp., Bergelectric Corp., Helix Electric Co., Inglett & Stubbs Inc., Capital Electric Construction Co. Inc. and Commonwealth Electric Co.
Pacific 2001 Sales Top 50 Rank
Rosendin Electric Inc. $369,000,000 10
SASCO Group NA 11
Morrow-Meadows Corp. $201,268,140 13
Amelco Corp. $183,000,000 16
Bergelectric Corp. $180,018,401 17
Helix Electric Co. $160,000,000 20
Oregon Electric Group $108,702,000 32
Rex Moore Electrical Contractors $101,000,000 35
*Another Player: Ludvik Electric Co.

* “Players” work in a given region but are headquartered elsewhere.


  1. Integrated Electrical Services, Houston, Texas

    2001 Sales. $1.693 billion

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Change in the economy and a contraction in construction spending.

    Forecast for 2002. Expect sales to be down and a continued decrease due to the slow economy.

    Employees. 13,700

    Branch Offices. 170

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and residential.

    Web Site. www.ielectric.com

  2. Encompass Services Corp., Houston, Texas

    2001 Sales. $1.635 billion

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Collapse of telecom industry and general economic downturn.

    Forecast for 2002. Continued general economic softness and no recovery in telecom industry.

    Employees. 31,000

    Branch Offices. 80 electrical branches and 200 total branches in all major U.S. cities.

    Services. The Electrical Technologies Group installs, maintains and upgrades the electrical systems of commercial and industrial facilities, including process controls, lighting and power, life-safety systems and energy management systems. The group also designs, installs, upgrades, maintains and repairs low-energy systems, including voice and data cabling, high-speed data network infrastructure systems, fiber optics, video, security and sound.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and residential.

    Web Site. www.encompserv.com

  3. EMCOR Group, Norwalk, Conn.

    2001 Sales. $1.371 billion (electrical)

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. General economic downturn/slowdown. EMCOR's total sales decreased from $3.46 billion in 2000 to $3.42 billion in 2001. According to EMCOR's annual report, the decrease can be attributed to a sharp decline in telecommunications, which provided revenue growth in 2000.

    Forecast for 2002. About the same as 2001 — Challenging with some opportunities.

    Fast Facts. EMCOR, a network of 65 companies, provides mechanical and electrical construction and facilities services including planning, consulting and operations and maintenance.

    Employees. 6,700

    Branch Offices. More than 20 electrical branches in most major metropolitan cities throughout the United States and Canada.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, institutional and transportation.

    Specialities. Design, integration, installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of systems for generation and distribution of electrical power, lighting systems, low-voltage systems and voice and data communications systems.

    Company News. Early in 2002, EMCOR Group acquired a group of 19 companies, which are former subsidiaries of Comfort Systems U.S.A.

    Recent Projects. New York Power Authority peaking plants.

    Web Site. www.emcorgroup.com

  4. Quanta Services Inc., Houston, Texas

    2001 Sales. $791.8 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Sales were up about $290 million due to strong growth as a result of increased outsourcing and deregulation.

    Forecast for 2002. Quanta expects continued growth and demand for its services throughout 2002.

    Employees. 13,987

    Branch Offices. More than 50 nationwide.

    Top Market Segments. Installation, repair and maintenance of electric transmission lines and electric power distribution projects and design, construction and maintenance of substation projects.

    Recent Projects. Replaced 37 miles of 345kV transmission lines for a New England client in less time than possible using traditional methods — a combination of energized services and bare-handed techniques.

    Web Site. www.quantaservices.com

  5. Henkels and McCoy Inc., Blue Bell, Pa.

    2001 Sales. $683.6 million

    Employees. 5,000-plus

    Branch Offices. More than 80 offices from New England to Hawaii.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial, institutional and security, power transmission and distribution system construction.

    Recent Projects. The Bonneville Power Administration awarded Henkels & McCoy Inc. a contract for new 500 kV power transmission system segments and upgrade of some existing transmission lines, totaling about 155 miles. Later phases of the project have the potential to bring the total amount of transmission system constructed to about 800 miles.

    New Leadership. In January 2002, Kenneth Rose, president and chief executive officer, was elected vice chairman and chief executive officer and T. Roderick Henkels, executive vice president and chief operating officer, was named president and chief operating officer.

    Web Site. www.henkelsandmccoy.com

  6. MYR Group Inc., Rolling Meadows, Ill.

    2001 Sales. $650 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Economic slowdown affected commercial and industrial decreases and was offset by increases in power plant and transmission work.

    Forecast for 2002. Zero growth due to general economic conditions in key markets and regulatory uncertainty in transmission and distribution markets.

    Employees. 5,000 to 6,000

    Branch Offices. 28 across the nation.

    Top Market Segments. Transmission and distribution, power generation, commercial and industrial.

    Recent Projects. TVA transmission, University of Colorado hospital, Sprint data center and ANP Bellingham Energy Project.

    Web Site. www.myrgroup.com

  7. Cupertino Electric, Sunnyvale, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $510 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Market downturn.

    Forecast for 2002. Even.

    Employees. 2,022

    Branch Offices. Six branch offices in California and Arizona.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and institutional.

    Recent Projects. Nortel, Sprint, Stanford-James Clark Center.

    Web Site. www.cupelectric.com

  8. Bracknell Corp., Minneapolis, Minn.

    Fast Facts. Bracknell ranked fifth on last year's Top 50 list with revenues of $632.8 million but has lately fallen on hard times. The Ontario Securities Commission issued Bracknell a cease-trading order after the contractor failed to make statuatory filings.

    Trouble With Telecom. Adesta Communications Inc., a nationwide developer of fiber-optic-based communication networks and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bracknell, filed for Chapter 11 on Nov. 2. Bracknell made a significant investment in the telecommunications market to build national and city-scale telecom networks with the intent of leasing them out to carriers. When the telecom market collapsed, however, Bracknell was left with million-dollar debts from defunct providers and unfinished networks.

    Projects. Bracknell's financial woes can also be linked to a Detroit airport construction project, which went overbudget. According to a report on www.sedar.com, delays and design changes caused the $1.2 billion terminal to be plagued by cost overruns. The extra costs worsened the problems with creditors; by the end of last July, Bracknell had $350 million in debt with $25 million due by the end of 2001.

  9. Mass. Electric Construction Co., Boston, Mass.

    2001 Sales. $377 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Significant increase in industrial and commercial work.

    Forecast for 2002. A decrease is expected in industrial and commercial due to the slow economy.

    Employees. 1,800

    Branch Offices. None.

    Top Market Segments. Transit, industrial and commercial.

    Web Site. www.masselec.com

  10. Rosendin Electric Inc., San Jose, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $369 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Diversity of type of work and the ability to respond to market conditions.

    Forecast for 2002. Expect sales to remain the same as 2001.

    Employees. 1,750

    Branch Offices. San Francisco and El Segundo, Calif.; Mesa, Ariz.; Hillsboro, Ore.; and Rio Rancho, N.M.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and high-tech.

    Web Site. www.rosendin.com

  11. SASCO Group, Cerritos, Calif.

    Fast Facts. SASCO is the largest privately-held electrical and data contractor in the United States with eight offices on the West Coast extending from Southern California to the Northwest.

    Branch Offices. San Francisco, Santa Clara, Vacaville, Newbury Park, Newport Beach and Sacramento, Calif.; Kapolei, Hawaii; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Woodinville and Seattle, Wash.

    Specialties. Commercial/retail/hospitality, education, data centers, transportation, high-tech, sports/entertainment/gaming, financial, government/institutions, semiconductor and healthcare/biotech.

    Top Market Segments. Power, datacom and design/build pre-construction services.

    Web Site. www.sasco.com

  12. Fisk Electric, Houston, Texas

    2001 Sales. $290 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Telecom boom.

    Forecast for 2002. 10 percent decrease due to the recession.

    Employees. 2,500

    Branch Offices. Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas; Las Vegas; and New Orleans.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, government/public and industrial. Fisk Electric, which was recently acquired by Tyco, relies on telecom installation work for about 25 percent of its total revenue.

    Web site. www.fiskcorp.com/electrical.html

  13. Morrow-Meadows Corp., City of Industry, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $201.26 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Southern California's diverse economy.

    Forecast for 2002. 4 percent increase.

    Employees. 850

    Branch Offices. San Diego and San Francisco, Calif.; Salem, Ore.; and Vancouver, Wash.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and entertainment.

    Recent Projects. Hollywood and Highland, AT&T Web hosting facility, Hawthorne; and multiple contracts at Disney's California Adventure.

    Web Site. www.morrow-meadows.com

  14. Sachs Electric, St. Louis Mo.

    2001 Sales. $200 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Decrease in technology and telecommunications work.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease due to the economy and CWA in the VDV market.

    Employees. 1,026

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and institutional.

    Web Site. www.sachssystems.com

  15. Red Simpson Inc., Alexandria, La.

    2001 Sales. $197 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increased outsourcing by electrical utilities.

    Forecast for 2002. Increase of 15%.

    Employees. 2,000

    Branch Offices. Austin, San Antonio, Beaumont, Harlingen, Freer, Sherman and Marshall, Texas; Tulsa, Okla.; Little Rock, Ark.; New Orleans, La.; and Melbourne, Fla.

    Top Market Segments. Distribution, transmission and substation systems for electric utilities.

    Recent Projects. Foundation preparation for 345kV transmission structure in south Texas.

    Web Site. www.redsimpson.com

  16. Amelco Corp., Gardenia, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $183 million

    Branch Offices. Los Angeles and San Diego, Calif.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Ariz.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Dallas, Texas.

    Top Market Segments. Water treatment facilities, transportation systems and industrial/commercial facilities.

    Web Site. www.amelco.net

  17. Bergelectric Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $180 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Casino and jail construction.

    Forecast for 2002. Slow.

    Employees. 1,319

    Branch Offices. Las Vegas, Nev.; Portland, Ore.; Orlando, Fla.; Westminster, Colo.; Costa Mesa and San Diego, Calif.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and institutional.

    Recent projects. Pachanga Eagle 3 Hotel and Casino.

    Web Site. www.bergelectric.com

  18. Petrocelli Electric Co. Inc., Long Island City, N.Y.

    2001 Sales. $170 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. According to New York's Newsday, Petrocelli credits its revenue and employee growth to its expansion into a new building three years ago and a strong commercial real estate market.

    Employees. 1,000

    Top Market Segments. Power and data contracting.

    Recent Projects. Besides maintaining New York City's lights, the company also installs electrical wiring and fiber-optic cable.

  19. Motor City Electric Co., Detroit, Mich.

    2001 Sales. $162.15 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Slowing economy and several large jobs completed in 2001.

    Forecast for 2002. $150 million due to recession.

    Employees. 500 to 1,000

    Branch Offices. Detroit and Madison Heights, Mich.; Toledo, Ohio; Kokomo, Ind.; Fort Worth, Texas; and Windsor, Ontario.

    Top Market Segments. Public works, commercial, network and systems integration and industrial.

    Specialties. Motor City provides in-house engineering, procurement and electrical panel fabrication as well as 24-hour emergency service.

    Services. Design-build work, electrical utility services, electrical emergency services, controls and automation systems, networking and communication systems, process engineering, panel fabrication, directional boring and excavation and selective general contracting.

    Recent Projects. Motor City provided electrical construction of power, control and communication systems for Ford Field Stadium, Detroit's football stadium.

    Web Site. www.mceco.com

  20. Helix Electric, San Diego, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $160 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Performance and good standing with its clients.

    Forecast for 2002. $180 million

    Employees. 1,000

    Branch Offices. 4

    Top Market Segments. Institutional, residential and commercial.

    Recent projects. Anaheim Convention Center, San Francisco Convention Center and LAX.

    Web Site. www.helixelectric.com

  21. Sargent Electric Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

    2001 Sales. $156 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Very active in the gas turbine power plant market.

    Forecast for 2002. 2002 will be down by about 15 percent due to the soft power market.

    Employees. 145

    Branch Offices. East Chicago and Terra Haute, Ind.; and Birmingham, Ala.

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, energy and communications services and commercial.

    Recent Projects. Heinz Field (new Pittsburgh Steelers stadium), a power plant rebuild from a fire in central Pennsylvania, gas turbine projects for Mirant, Constellation, Reliant and Black and Veatch.

    Web Site. www.sargent.com

  22. GEM Industrial Inc., Walbridge, Ohio

    Fast Facts. GEM has established itself in the Midwest as a single-source industrial contractor. GEM direct-hires all major trades. Its core work force includes pipefitters, electricians, instrument technicians, linemen, ironworkers, boilermakers, millwrights, carpenters and laborers. The company has experience in modernization, new construction, maintenance services, plant relocation.

    Market Segments. Automotive, metals manufacturing, food processing, petrochemical and power generation.

  23. The Newtron Group, Baton Rouge, La.

    2001 Sales. $153.7 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increased power industry.

    Forecast for 2002. Down due to power industry decrease.

    Employees. 2,500

    Branch Offices. Lake Charles, La.; Nederland and Houston, Texas.

    Top Market Segment. Industrial

    Recent Projects. Cement plant modernization, combined-cycle generating unit and refinery instrument modernization.

    Web Site. www.thenewtrongroup.com

  24. Constar International Inc., Norwood, Mass.

    2001 Sales. $140 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. “Continually recognized as a leader.”

    Forecast for 2002. Moderate increase.

    Employees. 1,000

    Branch Offices. Hartford, Conn.; Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C.; Charleston, S.C.; and Denver, Colo.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, high-tech and retail.

    Recent Projects. Sun Microsystems and AT&T Web hosting.

    Web Site. www.constar.com

  25. M.J. Electric, Iron Mountain, Mich.

    2001 Sales. $138 million

    Employees. 1,000

    Branch Offices. Cloquet, Minn.; Woodstock, Ill.; Shoemakersville, Penn.; and Appleton, Wis.

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, utility and process controls and instrumentation.

    Fast Facts. M. J. Electric Inc., a subsidiary of Infrasource (formerly Exelon Infrastructure Services), has more than 40 years of experience in the electrical construction market.

    Recent Projects. Minnesota Power and Wisconsin Public Service selected M.J. Electric as the contractor for the “Power Up Wisconsin” 345 kV transmission line, which will run from the Weston Power Plant in Wausau, Wis., to the Arrowhead Substation in Duluth, Minn. M.J was also selected as the “Contractor Of Choice” for ComEd's transmission line projects.

    Web site. www.mjelectric.com

  26. Guarantee Electric Co., St. Louis, Mo.

    2001 Sales. $128 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Experienced an increase in sales due to the clarification of its market strategy.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease of 10 percent due to the slowdown of the economy and overall market, which is not as strong as recent years.

    Employees. 600

    Branch Offices. Granite City, Ill.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, advanced technology and health care.

    Recent Projects. In March 2001, Guarantee started working on the largest single electrical project in St. Louis history — a $24 million contract to power more than 1 million sqare feet of new office, training and data center space for A.G. Edwards. Guarantee has also worked on Sigma Aldrich Life Science, Renaissance Hotel and the St. Louis City Justice Center.

    Company news. Guarantee Electrical celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002. In 2001, the contractor implemented its succession plan with Chuck Oertli as chairman, Fred Oertli Jr. as vice chairman, Rick Oertli as CEO and Roger Oertli as COO.

    Web site. www.geco.com

  27. Aldridge Electric, Libertyville, Ill.

    2001 Sales. $120 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increase in utility and transportation funding.

    Forecast for 2002. 5 percent increase due to increase in transportation funding.

    Employees. 400

    Branch Offices. None.

    Top Market Segments. Transportation, utility and industrial.

    Recent projects. Chicago Transit Authority Red Line Train Control System Modernization.

    Web Site. www.aldridge-electric.com

  28. Inglett and Stubbs, Mableton, Ga.

    2001 Sales. $116 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Sales stayed the same due to several large projects in backlog.

    Forecast for 2002. About a 25 percent reduction due to the down construction market.

    Employees. 500

    Branch Offices. Chantilly, Va.; and Bloomington, Ill.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, institutional and telecom.

    Recent projects. Cingular Data Center, CDC Building 17, Cox Headquarters, Lockheed Martin F22 Assembly Building and Emory Whitehead Research Center.

    Web Site. www.inglett-stubbs.com

  29. Kelso-Burnett Co., Rolling Meadows, Ill.

    2001 Sales. $112 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Right place at the right time.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease of 20 percent due to the drop in the economy.

    Employees. 520

    Branch Offices. Rockford, Zion, Chicago and Romeoville, Ill.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and utility.

    Web Site. www.kelso-burnett.com

  30. Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc., Holliston, Mass.

    2001 Sales. $111.7 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Selected as the electrical contractor of choice by general contractors and clients in New England and the Southeast.

    Forecast for 2002. Expects a modest decrease in overall sales in 2002 due to the unstable economy, high unemployment rates and the fallout from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. However, the company continues to seek innovative solutions to this possible decrease by reaching into new market segments and diversifying the size of projects they bid.

    Employees. 768

    Branch Offices. Cary, N.C.; Pelham, Ala.; and Atlanta, Ga.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and educational.

    Recent Projects. Electrical installation for Fidelity Investments' 210,000 square feet four-level office building and a 392,000-square-foot three-level parking garage.

    Web Site. www.waynejgriffin.com

  31. E-J Electric Installation Co., Long Island City, N.Y.

    2001 Sales. $111.2 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Luck.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease of 15 percent due to the recession.

    Employees. 500

    Branch Offices. New Canaan, Conn.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and airport.

    Recent projects. Terminal 5 at JFK and the 5 Times Square office building.

    Web Site. www.ej1899.com

  32. Oregon Electric Group, Portland, Ore.

    2001 Sales. $108.7 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Projects were cancelled or postponed into the next year because of the slowing economy. Companies also stopped building data centers.

    Forecast for 2002. Flat for 2002 due to general economy but expects it to pick up in 2003.

    Fast Facts. Oregon Electric Group was founded in 1947 during the postwar building boom and incorporated in 1959. The contractor focused only on the residential market until 1959, when it started doing commercial projects.

    Employees. 800

    Branch offices. Seattle, Wash.; and four offices in Portland, Ore.

    Top Market Segments. High-tech, industrial, healthcare and low-voltage systems.

    Services. Oregon Electric Group has Emergency Response Teams (ERT) throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. When customers call, a licensed electrician answers and assigns a team to respond to a customer's needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Recent Projects. $27 million electrical and systems project for Novellus Systems, several projects at Intel, LSI, Providence Health Systems and Longview Fiber.

    Company News. Oregon Electric Group was acquired by MDU Resources, Bismarck, N.D., in September 2001.

    Web Site. www.oregonelectric.com

  33. MMR Group Inc., Baton Rouge, La.

    2001 Sales. $104 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Better estimating and focused sales.

    Forecast for 2002. 2002 should be flat due to decrease in industrial projects.

    Employees. 1,200

    Branch Offices. Atlanta, Ga.; Belle Chase and Lafayette, La.; Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas; and Barcelona, Venezuela.

    Top Market Segments. Power generation, industrial manufacturing and offshore oil and gas production.

  34. Capital Electric Construction Co. Inc., Kansas City, Mo.

    2001 Sales. $103.5 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increase is due to design-build, service and large projects.

    Forecast for 2002. An 8 percent to 10 percent increase.

    Fast Facts. MDU Resources acquired Capital Electric Line Builders Inc. and Capital Electric Construction Co. in January 2001.

    Employees. 600

    Branch Office. Omaha, Neb.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, line construction, and service and maintenance.

    Recent Projects. Runway work and data backbone for the Kansas City International Airport, Denver's Invesco Field Mile High Stadium and data rooms for Sprint PCS.

    Web Site. www.capitalelectric.com

  35. Rex Moore Electrical Contractors and Engineers, West Sacramento, Calif.

    2001 Sales. $101 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increase in service and maintenance as well as high-tech work, which has a higher monetary value per square foot.

    Forecast for 2002. Flat due to the economy.

    Employees. 600

    Branch Offices. Santa Rosa, Hayward and Fresno, Calif.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and service and maintenance.

    Recent projects. California EPA state headquarters office building and Leprino cheese plant.

    Web Site. www.rexmoore.com

  36. Aneco Inc., Clearwater, Fla.

    Fast Facts. Aneco is a fast-track oriented electrical and telecommunications company serving North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

    2001 Sales. More than $95 million.

    Employees. More than 850 technicians, electricians, craftsmen and support professionals.

    Branch Offices. Orlando, Tampa and Miami, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Atlanta, Ga.

    Top Market Segments. Aneco provides diversified electrical contracting services to the commercial, medical, governmental, and industrial construction markets throughout the southeastern United States. Projects include sporting arenas, convention centers, hotels and airline terminals.

    Web site. www.anecoinc.com

  37. EEI Holding Corp., Springfield, Ill.

    2001 Sales. $88 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Market conditions.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease by 20 percent.

    Employees. 500

    Branch Offices. Springfield, Decatur, Bloomington and Marion, Ill.; Evansville, Ind.; Springfield, Mo.; Daytona and Orlando, Fla.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and telephone/data.

    Web Site. www.eeiholding.com

  38. Miller Electric Co., Jacksonville, Fla.

    2001 Sales. $84 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Down from $96 million due to a recessionary business cycle.

    Forecast for 2002. Down 5 percent due to 9/11.

    Employees. 850

    Branch Offices. Miami and Gainsville, Fla.

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, electrical service, renovation and new commercial construction.

    Services. Electrical construction and repair, maintenance services, specialty systems, communications systems and services, UPS and generator installation and maintenance, control systems, fire protection systems, lightning protection systems and site lighting.

    Specialties. Multi-site technology implementation projects, closed circuit television, computer room power distribution, sports lighting systems, computer room grounding and disaster recovery services.

    Recent Projects. LaFange Gypsum Plant and the Adams Mark Hotel.

    Web Site. www.mecojax.com

  39. Truland Systems Corp., Arlington, Va.

    2001 Sales. $83.5 million

    Employees. More than 650.

    Branch Office. Richmond, Va.

    Top Market Segments. Electrical design and construction, power, lighting, life safety and energy management.

    Recent Projects. MCI Center, AOL Dulles Technology Center, IBM/Toshiba Dominion Semiconductor, Jack Kent Cooke/Washington Redskins Stadium and the IRS headquarters.

    Web Site. www.truland.com

  40. Cleveland Electric, Atlanta, Ga.

    2001 Sales. $83 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Growth in datacom and strong market conditions.

    Forecast for 2002. Project a $10 million decrease due to a downturn in the economy.

    Employees. 500

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, commercial and institutional.

    Recent Projects. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

    Web Site. www.clevelectric.com

  41. Ludvik Electric Co., Lakewood, Colo.

    2001 Sales. $82.8 million

    Specialties. Pre-construction, design-build, design-assist and construction management.

    Top Market Segments. Government, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, health care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and defense enterprises.

    Recent Projects. Completed a contract of more than $86 million on one of the nation's leading computer chip manufacturing facilities in the Colorado Springs area. Ludvik has also worked on Union Plaza, a residential, office and retail tenant complex, the Longmont wastewater treatment plant and the Boulder Community Hospital.

    Web Site. www.ludvik.com

  42. Cache Valley Electric, Logan, Utah

    2001 Sales. $80.8 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Since Sept. 11, Cache Valley has seen companies cancel or trim projects. The steel industry, an area that the contractor does a lot of construction in, is also in a recession.

    Forecast for 2002. Expects a 10 percent to 15 percent decrease in the current year. Companies are going out of business or scaling back construction in the Internet industry.

    Employees. 529

    Branch Offices. Salt Lake City; Denver; and Phoenix, Ariz.

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, commercial and telecommunications Web Site. www.cvelectric.com

  43. ERMCO, Indianapolis, Ind.

    2001 Sales. $68 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Good economy.

    Forecast for 2002. Decrease due to the 9/11 terrorist attack and economy slump.

    Employees. 250

    Branch Offices. Orlando, Fla.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and communications.

    Recent Projects. Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium.

    Web Site. www.ermco.com

  44. Industrial Specialty Contractors LLC, Baton Rouge, La.

    2001 Sales. $67 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. The economy driven by high natural gas prices.

    Forecast for 2002. Remaining fairly constant.

    Employees. 1,100

    Branch Office. Houston and Orange, Texas

    Top Market Segments. Petrochemical, refining and power.

    Recent projects. Electrical work for Shell Chemical Goals Project.

    Company Web Site. www.iscgrp.com

  45. Commonwealth Electric Co., Lincoln, Neb.

    2001 Sales. $60.8 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Increased revenues in Midwest region and decreased revenues in the Southwest region.

    Forecast for 2002. Revenues should be comparable to 2001.

    Employees. 450

    Branch Offices. Lincoln and Omaha, Neb.; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz; and Des Moines, Iowa.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial and institutional.

    Web site. www.commonwealthelectric.com

  46. Hatzel & Buehler Inc., Wilmington, Del.

    2001 Sales. $63.9 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Added new customers.

    Forecast for 2002. Expect a 10 percent increase in sales because the contractor is adding new customers and doing more with existing customers.

    Employees. 450

    Branch Offices. Detroit, Mich.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Columbus, Ohio; New York, N.Y. Hopelawn, N.J.; Wilmington, Del.; and Philadelphia, Penn.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, industrial, institutional and security.

  47. O'Connell Electric Co., Victor, N.Y.

    2001 Sales. $63 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. 9/11.

    Forecast for 2002. Increase of 10 percent.

    Employees. 450

    Branch Offices. Buffalo and Syracuse, N.Y.

    Top Market Segments. Industrial, institutional and utility.

    Recent projects. American Rock Salt Mine, Corning Monroe Park, Rochester Gas and Electric Lake Avenue and Olean General Hospital.

    Web Site. www.oconnellelectric.com

  48. Mona Electric Group Inc., Clinton, Md.

    2001 Sales. $52 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Economic pressures.

    Forecast for 2002. Expect to see flat sales during the first six months with improving numbers for the second half of the year.

    Employees. 420

    Branch Offices. Dulles, Va.; and Baltimore, Md.

    Top Market Segments. Commercial, institutional and government.

    Recent projects. The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at Maryland QIAGEN Sciences.

    Web Site. www.getmona.com

  49. Lake Erie Electric, Cleveland, Ohio

    2001 Sales. $47.4 million

    Behind the 2001 Numbers. Cut in all economic sectors, especially the automotive and steel industries.

    Forecast for 2002. Maintain same level as 2001. In later 2002 and early 2003, the automotive industry may improve because of the demand for projects.

    Employees. 300.

    Branch Offices. Detroit, Mich.; Dayton, Mansfield and Toledo, Ohio.

    Top Market Segments. Automotive, commercial and power generation.

    Specialties. Lake Erie is known for its work on plants making automotive model changeovers and complex electrical installations required for the steel industry. The contractor has also done work with facilities, utilities and independent power plants.

    Recent Projects. Freemont Power Regeneration Plant, Freemont, Ohio and John Carroll University's new Science and Technology Building.

    Web site. www.leeinc.com

  50. Patrick Power Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

    Employees. 350

    Branch Offices. 1.

    Top Market Segments. Steel mills, water treatment plants, high-end institutional and commercial.

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