Connecting With Your Customers

Have you ever thought of your accounting department as a profit center? That improving your contractor/end-user receivables could increase your market share, sales and profits?

It can!

Preliminary results of a contractor/end-purchaser survey being conducted by Allen Ray Associates, Arlington, Texas and Channel Marketing Group, Raleigh, N.C., show that they, if given a choice, would prefer to receive invoices electronically. Not only does this improve their cash flow, but it also reduces billing errors, hence improving their productivity and potentially reducing your DSOs (daily sales outstanding). Electronic invoicing also provides you with a competitive advantage. The challenge, according to contractors/end-purchasers, is the distributor ability to provide this service.

We would like your input to better understand distributor capabilities as it relates to electronic invoicing and your customer connectivity. The results of this research will be used by Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA), Rosslyn, Va., to consider new services and be published in Electrical Wholesaling magazine. To take the survey, go to

The survey is only 4 pages and should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is available at

In appreciation of your input, if you so desire we will send you a summary of the survey results. If you would like to receive this summary, please provide your email address at the conclusion of the survey.

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