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USESI Expands in Metropolitan Philly Area with Purchase of Franklin Electric

Aug. 23, 2019
News of the acquisition was posted on LinkedIn and in David Gordon’s Electrical Trends.

USESI quietly bolstered its business in southern New Jersey and Philadelphia with the acquisition of Franklin Electric Co., Moorestown, NJ, ranked #134 on EW’s 2019 Top 200 ranking. The company reported 2018 sales of $44.2 million, six locations and 91 employees. Franklin Electric was founded in 1920 by William T. Walker, Sr. The company made news three years ago with its purchase of  Griffith Electric Supply, Trenton, NJ, in 2016, which it operated as a separate but related business under the name of Franklin-Griffith to keep the Griffith legacy alive.
USESI, Middletown, CT, does not report data for the Top 200, but Electrical Wholesaling’s editors estimated its rank at #15 with an estimated employee count.

News of the acquisition was posted on LinkedIn and in David Gordon’s Electrical Trends. Before the Franklin Electric acquisition, USESI had more than 80 locations.
The company operates branches along the Eastern Seaboard through independently branded distribution companies it has acquired over the years, including Duplex Electrical Supply Corp., Electrical Wholesalers Inc., HZ Electric Supply, Lade-Danlar, Main Electric Supply (New Jersey), Maurice Electrical Supply Co., Monarch Electric Co., Standard Electric Supply, Wiedenbach Brown, Yale Electric Supply, and USESI Renewable Solutions. Most of USESI’s branch locations are in the New England states, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
It also has locations in the Washington, DC, metro through Maurice Electrical Supply and in the Atlanta metro through Lade-Danlar, Tucker, GA. The U.S. Renewables Solutions business unit serves the solar market from New Hampshire to Washington, DC with more than  $5 million in solar inventory in four distribution centers.