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TSG Acquires Georgia Copper to Expand Offering of Copper Grounding & Bonding Products

Jan. 4, 2023

Technical Services Group (TSG), Baton Rouge, LA, a provider of broadcast engineering and commercial AV solutions, has acquired Georgia Copper, a manufacturer of USA-made copper grounding and bonding products.

The acquisition broadens TSG’s existing portfolio of broadcast studio and facility infrastructure solutions, which includes core copper, lightning and surge suppression products. TSG has served the radio and television broadcasting industries for years and also provides commercial AV solutions for sports venues, government offices, schools, houses of worship, healthcare facilities and hospitality sites.

Georgia Copper Owner Gary Smith, who founded the company in 2007, approached TSG about acquiring Georgia Copper as he planned for his retirement at the end of 2022. Georgia Copper’s existing operation and inventory will relocate to TSG’s Baton Rouge headquarters over the coming weeks.

 The press release said TSG CEO Bo Hoover will preserve Georgia Copper “as is” and build on its existing foundation with an e-commerce site to support online sales. Hoover also sees opportunity to expand the Georgia Copper product line, and said in the press release that he can easily see developing “another 50 niche products” in applications including data centers and broadcast facilities.