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Border States Acquires Winston Engineering

Jan. 16, 2024
Winston Engineering is licensed in 16 states and provides professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering services in the residential, commercial, educational and governmental markets.

Border States, ND, will acquire Winston Engineering, Inc., West Hollywood, CA, According to the Border States press release, Winston Engineering, Inc. is licensed in 16 states and provides professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering services for residential, commercial, educational and governmental needs. The acquisition will allow Border States to broaden service offerings across their three core markets with an initial focus on construction and eventual expansion into utility and industrial.

Led by Anthony Winston III, Professional Engineer, Winston Engineering is a group of seasoned professionals who have experience working on a wide spectrum of projects.

“I’m so excited to have the professional engineers of Winston join our team — electrical contractors, particularly in the design-build space, rely on engineering partners to provide a variety of services,” said Ryan Evans, VP Sales and Marketing – Construction, in the press release. “By providing these services in-house, we gain a big competitive advantage, providing value to both our customers and our strategic partners.”

Border States and Winston Engineering, Inc. are a great cultural fit, and Border States is excited to welcome the team as its newest employee-owners.

“I established Winston Engineering, Inc., to make a positive impact on the construction industry and bring opportunity to our employees,” said Winston in the press release. “Joining Border States is the next step in that direction — they have an outstanding reputation, and their philosophy of taking care of each other, customers and vendor partners matches our approach. We bring professional engineering to Border States, and their network of branches connects us to a need for our services. When you combine this with employee ownership, there will be countless opportunities and benefits for the employees of Winston.”

The acquisition will close on Friday, March 1.

Winston Engineering, Inc. is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise Micro. They serve 500-plus clients in the United States and Canada, providing state-of-the-art MEP engineering for diverse projects, including housing development, EV-charging infrastructure design and indoor agriculture engineering.




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