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Welcome to Electrical Wholesaling magazine's new and improved Web site!
Our Web site, first launched in 1997, is now better than ever, thanks to a complete retooling. The thousands of visitors who enjoyed the best editorial archives in the electrical wholesaling industry on the old Web site will find the new archives every bit as robust. Veteran users will be glad to know the site's word-search is still working for those times when you want information on a specific company or person.
For new users wanting to get a general feel for the electrical wholesaling industry, information is easy to find using the topic buttons on the top toolbar and left-column navigation links.
Under "EW Top Hits," we provide links to some of our most popular features, like the Top 200, Market Planning Guide, Source Book and Electrical Market 101 reports. If you're looking for information on sales or marketing, direct links will take you to a number of resources. Independent manufacturers' reps will also be happy to find a "microsite" within the site devoted specifically to articles and information for their interests.

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