GE Lighting and Trane Integrate Building Control

June 3, 2013

GE Lighting, East Cleveland, Ohio, has worked with HVAC manufacturer Trane, St. Paul, Minn., to develop a new way for commercial building owners and managers to apply advanced control strategies for lighting, heating and cooling operations. GE’s LightSweep modular lighting control systems can now be integrated into Trane’s Tracer centralized building automation system so users can apply advanced control strategies across lighting and HVAC systems.

LightSweep’s CLCBnet controller provides integration with a building management system using the BACnet protocol. This controller also provides remote programmability and control through dedicated software or a web browser. Its modular configuration allows the lighting controls to be modified over time with snap-in control modules that can be factory pre-installed in panels or field-installed and modified.

Trane’s Tracer BAS is a building automation system based on open standards that integrates building systems for maximum operational and energy efficiency. Its mobile capability allows access and operation of the system from any laptop, tablet or smart phone. Yes, there’s an app for that.

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