Gexpro Launches Battery Energy Storage Solution Offering

May 2, 2015
The Gexpro subsidiary of Rexel will offer a battery energy storage solution (BESS) to commercial and industrial customers.

The Gexpro subsidiary of Rexel will offer  a battery energy storage solution (BESS) to commercial and industrial customers. Using BESS,  the company’s commercial and industrial customers will be able to optimize their energy consumption and reduce their energy bills by relying on their own energy system, thereby avoiding demand charges during high peak hours. The company is offering the battery storage system in conjunction with with Geli, Ideal Power and LG Chem. Gexpro will be the system integrator using technology from each of the supplier companies.  

 The first Gexpro Battery Energy Storage Solution available to the marketplace will be a 30kW, 45kWh complete turnkey BESS for use in the North American behind-the-meter demand charge reduction market.  Demand charges in many states can be up to 50% of the total energy bill for a commercial consumer.  A typical installation will use between one and eight 30kW Battery Energy Storage Solutions in a commercial building with high peak loads such as retail, office buildings and schools.

“We are excited to provide the Geli Energy Operating System, Demand Charge Management Energy App, and Internet of Energy Platform to bring together world-class components and distribution to introduce a new model of delivering energy storage system solutions in packages designed for easy deployment by solar and energy developers,” said Dr. Ryan Wartena, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Geli.