Madison Electric Products Acquires Smart Box

May 27, 2015

Madison Electric Products, Cleveland, acquired Smart Box, Inc., manufacturer of innovative non-metallic device boxes for the electrical industry, and said it has plans for further growth in the product category.

Madison said it has a focus on obtaining a larger share of the non-metallic box market, and now with full control of Smart Box products, it plans to bring the line to its full potential.

Smart Box has been part of Madison’s product portfolio since 2010, and sales have grown steadily year-over-year. The mutually beneficial partnership between Madison and Smart Box creators Greg and Madeline Herth is what launched the company’s Sparks Innovation Center, the electrical industry’s first crowdsourced approach to new product development.

Smart Box is also the first company Madison has acquired that has gone through the Sparks Innovation Center. By working together, Madison helped the Herths take their innovative product to a larger, national audience of buyers.