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TELE Controls Joins ETIM North America

Jan. 20, 2021

TELE Controls, a manufacturer of time/monitoring relays, power monitors, energy meters, soft starters, etc., supporting industrial facilities and OEMs with a focus on renewable markets, has joined ETIM North America (NA).

ETIM NA, the North American chapter of ETIM International based in Salt Lake City, UT, is leading the charge to adopt the ETIM language-independent product classification system for North America. In less than a year the organization has recruited over 20 members who are working to refine product classifications to North American terminology. The improved product classification system, supported by chapters in 24 countries, can generate supply chain efficiency, facilitates downstream computer-to-computer communication, and can enhance eCommerce capabilities.

ETIM NA’s first member-driven committee initiatives are to refine product categories in Power Distribution/Industrial Automation and Wiring Devices/Lighting Controls segments and identify any missing products and/or features specific to North America.

The association’s vision is to support the adoption and utilization of the machine-readable standards throughout the entire electrical ecosystem, enabling efficient transference of product information across technology platforms.

According to Daniel Kroepfl, Vice President of TELE Controls, “As an emerging supplier to the North American market, we view ETIM as a data standard that will accelerate digital transformation for the industry. We believe in innovation and wanted to be on the leading edge of change, especially in support of the timer and monitoring relay sector. While we are a small team compared to our Austrian headquarters (TELE Haase Steuergeraete), we know our voice will be heard within ETIM given their ‘one company one vote’ governance process.”

ETIM North America’s Executive Director, Mary Shaw, remarked that “We welcome TELE Controls’ support for ETIM North America and applaud their commitment and vision. It is important that manufacturers of all sizes, who value channel efficiency, and recognize that the electrical ecosystem is undergoing a digital transformation, be part of the process. The more companies involved the quicker we can support the refinement of the model to our North American products.”

To learn more about ETIM North America, its Product Expert Groups, and how you can participate, visit or contact Mary Shaw at [email protected].