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Springfield Electric Supply announces organizational changes

Dec. 4, 2013
Members of Springfield Electric Supply's executive team take on some new responsibilities.

Springfield Electric Supply (Springfield, Ill.): The company has announced the following corporate organizational structure, positioning the company for retirements in several key leadership responsibilities over the next few years: Chairman emeritus -- William Schnirring; Chairman & CEO -- Mike Barker; Executive chairman -- Dan Dungan; Executive chairman -- Randy Germeraad; COO -- Nikki Baker; CFO -- Greg Lutchka; President -- Mark Barthel; V.P. of marketing -- Alan Baum; Regional V.P. -- Harry Honings; Regional V.P. -- Chris Suerdieck; and Regional V.P. -- Chris Scarbrough. Additionally, Springfield’s Board of Directors has named Chris Scarbrough as associate CEO. Scarbrough will become the company’s CEO as Barker retires in approximately two years.

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