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Glenn Goedecke To Leave Mayer Electric

April 1, 2018
Goedecke will be leaving Mayer Electric Supply after 32 years to run his own business.

Glenn Goedecke will be leaving Mayer Electric Supply, Birmingham, AL, after 32 years of service to the company to acquire and run a business of his own.

“Seeing that our company has a strong management team in place, and seeing that the company’s future looks bright and prosperous has afforded me the opportunity, as well as given me the confidence, to reflect on some of my own personal goals and ambitions, said Goedecke in a press statement. “I have always quietly dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and challenging myself to build something on my own; and now, while I’m still relatively young and the company is in good hands, seems like the perfect time to do so.

“So, after a good deal of deliberation, soul searching, consulting with my immediate family, as well as members of the company’s advisory board, I have decided to acquire a small business and pursue my dream. I plan to take advantage of the expertise and experience I have gained and apply it to a smaller company and in a different industry.”

According to Wes Smith, “The lasting, positive impact of Glenn’s many contributions to Mayer and the electrical industry will continue for many, many years to come. Few people in this industry have had a greater impact than Glenn through his unselfish mentorship, friendship, and service to so many. At Mayer, we often speak of associates achieving their personal and business goals. The opportunity for Glenn to pursue his personal and business goal of owning his own business is exciting, and we could not be happier for him to start this new journey. “

Goedecke joined the company in 1986, after working as an outside industrial salesperson with Litscher Electric in Holland, MI, where he started his career in the electrical distribution rewinding motors. He came to Mayer Electric Supply as an outside industrial salesperson in the company’s Tampa location. He will be with the company through the end of April.

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