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Service Wire's Gary Morrison Announces Retirement

July 31, 2020

Service Wire (Culloden, WV): After a 50-year career in the electrical market, Gary Morrison, VP of sales and marketing, will retire at year-end. Morrison joined Service Wire during the company’s inception, advancing from sales to senior management.

“His commitment and dedication have provided our company with leadership that has been essential to our growth,” said Louis Weisberg, president, in the press release. “Gary has played an invaluable role in developing our company’s efforts across all markets — most notably in industrial, utility, transit and heavy commercial.”

“Some of my most special memories and feelings of accomplishment have happened during my time at Service Wire,” said Morrison in the press release. “From the early days in the 70s and 80s to recent years, I am proud of where I work and the great reputation we’ve built at Service Wire. It’s hard for me to walk away knowing the great things that lie ahead for the company, but it is time for me to retire and spend time with my loving wife and family.”

Morrison intends to remain active in the electrical industry after his retirement. Among other industry affiliations, he is the local chairperson for the IEEE PPIC Pulp & Paper Conference coming to West Virginia in 2022. 

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