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Obituary: Swift Electrical Supply's Lee Vieira - August 27, 2023

Aug. 30, 2023
Eliseu “Lee” Vieira, an outside salesperson with Swift Electrical Supply passed away on Aug. 27, 2023 from pancreatic cancer. He had been with Swift Electrical Supply for the past 7-1/2 years. Known for his hard work ethic, Lee was calling on customers up until two days before his passing.

Vieira made a lasting impression on his coworkers and customers alike, and never mentioned to anyone at Swift Electrical Supply about the severity of his illness. As one colleague put it, "Lee was strong in every sense of the word. He was determined to beat this, and I believed if anyone could, it would have been Lee. He will be missed with the greatest respect and will be remembered as one of the most straightforward, honest, and hardworking people I have ever known."

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