Private Labeling in the Electrical Market

Private labeling has become one of the hottest topics of conversation in the electrical market. Many electrical manufacturers have quietly moved to alternative sourcing for some parts of their product line. It’s also not uncommon for a manufacturer to label products for a third party. The new trend in private labeling is the interest some electrical distributors have in marketing their own private-labeled products.

To explore this move toward private-labeling, David Gordon, principal, Channel Marketing Group, Raleigh, N.C., and Allen Ray, president, Allen Ray Associates, Arlington, Texas, are conducting a benchmark survey. An executive summary of their findings will be published in Electrical Wholesaling in early 2007. To participate in this survey click here. To learn more about this study, contact Gordon at (919) 488-8635 or [email protected] or Allen Ray at (817) 704-0068 or [email protected]

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