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Meta/Facebook Announces Plans for $800-Million Data Center in Cheyenne, WY

July 9, 2024
Meta now has 25 data centers operating around the world.

Meta announced plans last week for its 21st data center in the United States, a 715,000-sq-ft campus in Cheyenne, WY. The $800-million project is expected to employ more than 1,000 construction workers and eventually 100 full-time workers. Fortis Construction will be the general contractor for the project.

Over the past three years, Meta has announced plans for new data centers or the expansion of existing facilties in Montgomery, AL; Rosemount, MN; Jefferson, IN; Dekalb, IL; Temple, TX; Kuna, ID; Sarpy, NE; Huntsville, AL; Mesa, AZ; Kansas City, MO; Altoona, IA; Los Lunas, NM; and Eagle Mountain, UT. Worldwide, Meta now has 25 data centers.

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