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May 1, 2004
The principals at Pfeiffer Sales, Louisville, Ky., credit the rep firm's success to three main ingredients: opportunity, timing and personal relationships

The principals at Pfeiffer Sales, Louisville, Ky., credit the rep firm's success to three main ingredients: opportunity, timing and personal relationships both with the key manufacturers they represent and customers whose needs they serve.

Earlier this year, the executive sales team of family-owned Pfeiffer Sales and key members of the “Leviton family” convened at Leviton's corporate headquarters in Little Neck, N.Y., to celebrate the two companies' 40-year working relationship.

Against a backdrop of dramatic industry change, the shared history between Pfeiffer Sales and Leviton goes back to 1964, when Charlie Pfeiffer, the company's former president and CEO, began selling Leviton electrical wiring devices from the basement of his home. The relationship has extended through four decades of service to the electrical industry. The years witnessed Pfeiffer Sales' expansion into new markets, first throughout Kentucky, then through Indiana.

With all the changes in the electrical industry, good relationships backed by solid above-market performance are hard to come by and mean a great deal to those fortunate enough to nurture and maintain them through the years.

Although now retired, Charlie Pfeiffer has left a tradition of excellence and integrity for three of his children. Kelly, Michael and Karen have had the family torch passed to them and are continuing in Charlie's footsteps. They hope to build the business into a “third generation” company where their children will rise through the ranks and add to the Pfeiffer heritage of excellence.

“Our goal is to drive business by enhancing the efforts of top-quality manufacturers,” said Kelly Pfeiffer, co-principal of Pfeiffer Sales. “While Leviton looks at the marketplace with a big picture approach, we make the hard-hitting impact at the local level. When we approach our distributor, contractor and home-builder customers, we're passionate about the Leviton product offering. It's for this reason that we've been able to pull all the components together to achieve the common goal of increased sales and market share in our sales territories.”

According to Harold Leviton, president and CEO of Leviton Manufacturing, “In this day and age, it's a remarkable achievement for two family companies to enjoy a 40-year relationship together. Over the years we've witnessed significant changes in our industry yet constantly throughout this evolving environment, we have continued to grow together as a result of our respective organizations working together and building our position in the market.”


Wiseway Supply, Florence, Ky., recently hosted its annual award night, recognizing Skip Watson, Allen Field & Associates as its Electrical Rep of the Year.

Bridgeport Fittings Inc., Stratford, Conn., has appointed Gormley Farrington Inc., Monroeville, Pa., for the western Pennsylvania and West Virginia territories, and Electro Lines Inc., Syracuse, N.Y., for upstate New York.

Scott Melavin has joined the inside sales team at A.A. MacPherson Co., Canton, Mass.

W.A.C. Lighting, Garden City, N.Y., and R. Saul & Associates, Tampa, Fla., have jointly announced Diane Shaw as its new sales representative in northern Florida, southern Georgia and southern Alabama.

Universal Lighting Technologies, Nashville, Tenn., has appointed Gorin-Hopper-McCoy, Norcross, Ga., as its sales agent for Georgia.

Edwards Signaling & Security Systems, Cheshire, Conn., has appointed General Power & Control Corp., Elmwood, La., as its rep in lower Louisiana.

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