2011 GEM Awards for Independent Reps

March 1, 2011
Since 1989, Electrical Wholesaling has recognized the top independent electrical manufacturers' representatives with the Ganzenmuller Electrical Marketing awards.

This Year's GEMs

The Ganzenmuller Electrical Marketing Award, or GEM Award, was established in honor of George Ganzenmuller, who was chief editor of Electrical Wholesaling magazine for more than 30 years until his death in 1986. George was a man whose integrity, fairness and industry knowledge won the respect of the entire electrical industry for nearly four decades. Since 1989, Electrical Wholesaling magazine has awarded the GEM Award to honor those independent manufacturers' reps who exhibit these same leadership qualities. A companion award, the GEM Rising Star Award, recognizes those independent reps whose early careers and industry contributions show promise of leadership. The editors of Electrical Wholesaling believe the electrical industry can learn from the business careers and personal philosophies of this year's winners of the GEM Award and GEM Rising Star Award.

Past GEM Award Winners

1989: Allen Rudolph, Rudolph & Co., Boston; Walter Yusen, Yusen Associates, Woburn, Mass.1990: Lawrence Rodger Jr., Jacobson-Rodger Associates, Willow Grove, Pa.1991: John Maddox, Maddox Sales Co., Pico Rivera, Calif.1992: Byron Brewer Sr., Harby Associates Inc., Wallingford, Conn.1993: Gary Brusacoram, Andrews Johnson Brusacoram, Minneapolis1994: Jim Edwards, Jim Edwards Co., Houston1995: Jerry Haines, Haines Sales Corp., East Syracuse, N.Y.1996: Gene Biben, Joseph E. Biben Sales Co., Philadelphia1997: John Marietti, Cleaves-Bessmer-Marietti, Kansas City, Mo.1998: Peter Ewing, Ewing-Foley, Cupertino, Calif.1999: Ron Haedt, Electrorep, Sausalito, Calif.2000: Jack Floyd, Downie, Turner & Buress, Columbia, Md.2001: Joe Yore, Electrical Marketing Services, Altamonte Springs, Fla.2002: Doug Carlson, Jim Stanker and Kevin O'Neill, C&O Electrical Sales, Overland Park, Kan.2003: Dennis McDonald, McDonald Associates, Arlington Heights, Ill.2004: Robert Benton, RB Sales Corp., Marion, Iowa2005: Kurt and Todd Nelson, Nelson Associates, Santa Fe Springs, Calif.2006: Charles Todaro, General Power and Control Corp., Jefferson, La.2007: Art Andrews and Rick Johnson, Andrews Johnson Brusacoram, Minneapolis2008: Tony Meglio, Meglio & Associates, Hazelwood, Mo.2009: Gary Lessing, Ewing & Foley, Cupertino, Calif.2010: Mike Gorin, Gorin-Hopper-McCoy, Atlanta

Past GEM Rising Star Winners

1989: John Roth Mooney Jr., Roth-Mooney Electrical Agency Inc., Indianapolis1990: Nancy Martin, Martin Electrical Sales, Kirkwood, Mo.1991: Michael Criste, Criste & Co., Scott Depot, W.Va.1992: Barr Kennedy, Paul Lumpkin Co., Charlotte, N.C.1993: Jeff Cleveland, C&S Sales, Orlando, Fla.1994: David Weinstein, Yusen Associates Inc., Woburn, Mass.1995: Jim Amey, Robert A. Amey Co., Portland, Ore.1996: Todd and Kurt Nelson, Nelson & Associates, Sante Fe Springs, Calif.1997: John Greenwald, Intelligent Control Devices, Denver1998: Howard Pickett, George Pickett & Associates Inc., Cary, N.C.1999: Joe Bertsch Jr., Joe Bertsch Electrical Sales Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa2000: Samuel Johnson, Electra-Tek Carolinas, Greensboro, N.C.2001: Steve Gallagher, Synergy Electrical Sales Inc., Fairless Hills, Pa.2002: Greg Reynolds, Flynn-Reynolds Agency Inc., Lowell, Mass.2003: Tom Fisher, Fishco & Associates, St. Louis2004: Richard Whitecraft, Keyline Sales, Albuquerque, N.M.2005: Jamey Yore, Electrical Marketing Services, Altamonte Springs, Fla.2006: Barry Oliver, Electrolink Sales, Albuquerque, N.M.2007: Bill Devereaux, RB Sales, Marion, Iowa2008: Rick Kostewa, Apex Electrical Sales, Phoenix2009: Kevin Venezia, Damin Sales, Edison, N.J.2010: Mike Cuddy, Renaissance Electrical Marketing, Pittsburgh