Moxie Nsl Partnership

National Specialty Lighting Announces New Sales Agent

Nov. 13, 2020
Moxie will be the company's new agency partner across New York City and upstate New York.

National Specialty Lighting (NSL) recently announced the signing of Moxie as its new New York City and upstate New York agency partner. 

"I love the energy and enthusiasm that the Moxie team brings to the table,” says Ian Smith, VP of Business Development at NSL, in the original release. “Plus, my motto is, ‘try to be the person that your dog thinks you are,’ and the team at Moxie are animal lovers, so they must be good people." (See photo above).

Moxie maintains a professional reputation, while still having fun. They have a state-of-the-art lighting showroom on Broadway in the heart of New York City, while the team photos on the Moxie website feature pets (and a hot dog for one non-pet owner).

“From a business standpoint, Moxie aligns well with NSL’s values because of their focus on technical architectural products and lighting," adds Smith. "As we expand our product portfolio, this is an avenue we want to pursue as well and we will look to Moxie for alignment and support,."