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Biben Joins Channel Marketing Group

Jan. 12, 2021
This veteran of the Philadelphia rep community brings decades of experience to CMG.

Channel Marketing Group (Raleigh, NC): Gene Biben joined Channel Marketing Group after over 40 years with Philadelphia-based Biben Sales, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s best-known manufacturer representatives. Biben, formerly president and CEO of Biben Sales (Joseph E. Biben C. and Biben Marketing Group), recently retired from the agency. A succession plan was put in place two years ago with Biben’s son-in-law, Bill Solomon, CPMR, taking over the agency.

Biben was very active in the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), serving as chairman and treasurer. He was also a member of te Philadelphia NECA chapter and the Electric Association of Philadelphia as well as many manufacturer rep advisory councils.

David Gordon, CMG’s president, says Biben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. Having grown, and managed, a successful agency, Biben hopes to be of service to small to mid-sized agencies who could benefit from a seasoned advisor to help them navigate change and grow. He also hopes to help small to mid-sized manufacturers network to quality agencies, and be a resource in support of Channel Marketing Group’s research initiatives.

When asked what he wanted to accomplish in his new role at CMG, Biben said, “I am excited to share my experiences and hopefully give back to an industry in change and that has allowed me to raise five daughters while meeting many of my best friends. Hopefully, my experiences will help others in these most critical times.”

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