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Nelson & Necastro Become Principal Partners at CSA Electrical Sales

Dec. 21, 2021
CSA celebrated its 43rd business anniversary in 2021.
At CSA Electrical Sales, a rep firm based in Lake Mary, FL, Conrad Nelson (left in above photo) and Brian Necastro have become principal partners of the agency. Nelson, the company’s VP of sales, and Necastro, the company’s VP of operations, have both worked for the company for many years.

Nelson studied at the University of Central Florida then joined the agency as a CSR in 2001. Leaving Florida in 2012, he moved to the Philadelphia market to work as an outside sales rep for a large electrical rep there.  While in Philadelphia, Nelson took Lighting Certification courses and achieved his LC designation.  He rejoined CSA in 2018.

Necastro graduated from Penn State and joined the agency as OEM specialist in 2007. Since his start with the agency, Brian has always taken pride in quality customer service. He a is a first responder and participated in the American Ninja Warrior city qualifier in 2012.

Jeff Cleveland, president, (left) CSA Electrical Sales, said, “I have a great deal of confidence in these two.  CSA has experienced tremendous growth during the past five years.  Their experience, ideas, and enthusiasm will help keep CSA on this solid growth path and push us to even greater levels of success.  CSA celebrated its 43rd year in business in 2021, and the completion of this succession plan will ensure a strong management team at CSA for 25 years to come.”

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