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Illustration 60886103 / Kheng Ho To / Dreamstime
Illustration 60886103 / Kheng Ho To / Dreamstime


Metra Associates won Arlington's 2021 National Sales Achievement Award.
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Arlington Presents National and Regional Sales Awards at NEMRA 2022 Conference

Feb. 15, 2022
Congratulations to the winners of Arlington's rep sales awards.

Arlington Industries, Scranton, PA,  announced the recipients of its annual rep sales awards at the recent 2022 National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA) meeting in Dallas. The rep sales awards recognize outstanding sales achievement by region.

  • Cathy Holbrook, Holbrook-Associated, received Arlington’s Inside Sales Person of the Year given by Arlington’s customer service staff to the inside sales person delivering the best performance at a firm representing Arlington.
  • Metra Associates Inc. received the National Sales Achievement Award (photos above);
  • Walker-Loudermilk Co., the Central Region Sales Achievement Award;
  • Keyline Sales won the Western Region Sales Achievement Award;
  • Tower Sales claimed the Southern Region Sales Achievement Award.
  • The Eastern Region Sales Achievement Award went to Damin Sales Inc.
  • Munden Enterprises Ltd. took home the Canadian Sales Achievement Award.
  • PAR Products won the Low Voltage Sales Achievement Award.

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