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DeFazio Expands with Atkore in Maryland/Washington DC

April 12, 2022
Rep news in the DC/Maryland market area.

DeFazio Industries, Gaithersburg, MD, expanded its Atkore relationship in the Maryland/Washington DC territory and the opening of a new office in Gaithersburg. “We’re proud to have represented Atkore in our Virginia territory since 2017 and in our Carolina territory since 2020,” said Rick DeFazio, president, in the press release. “We enjoy representing their portfolio of raceway, cable and fittings solutions. We have enjoyed bringing the value-added benefits of the One Atkore message to the marketplace. We look forward to this third phase of our business expansion in the Maryland/Washington DC territory.”

 DeFazio’s Atkore product portfolio will include the following four brands and product groups starting on the following dates:

04/11/22 - Atkore Calconduit --  EMT, GRC, IMC, ARC, Colors, Kwik-Fit/Couple

04/11/22 - Atkore Kaf-Tech -- MC Cable, Flexible Conduit, Liquidtight

05/05/22 - Atkore Heritage Plastics -- PVC Conduit, Elbows, Sweeps, Accessories

05/05/22 - Atkore Unistrut  -- -Channel, Supports, Brackets & Fittings Unistrut Channel, Supports, Brackets & Fittings

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