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Rexel Announces a New BICSI Technology Training Center

On March 10, Rexel held the grand opening of a new BICSI training center at its Newton, N.C., branch. The goal of the center is to bring world-class training to that area. BICSI specializes in preparedness training and education of communications designers and installers.

The Newton BICSI Training Center is a permanent site and is built with a shell-cabling infrastructure pathway including an entrance facility, telecommunications room racking, main cross connect and termination equipment. Trainees will get hands-on experience utilizing real-life obstacles in cable-path design and installation.

During a five-day class, trainees learn proper techniques for the termination of communications cable, proper grounding and bounding, proper fire-stopping techniques, and how to achieve the best performance for a cabling system and reduce downtime of any network.

These professional classes are recommended for all communications installers, designers and project managers who deal with cabling infrastructure issues including Category 5e, Category 6 and fiber-optic cables for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Courses follow the national format of BICSI, recognized as the authority worldwide for best-practices training.

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