Pacific 2013 Regional Forecast

Pacific 2013 Regional Forecast

California dominates the construction scene in this region, with most of the large projects being reported by McGraw-Hill Construction and other sources in the Golden State. Now underway are the $803 million Tehachapi wind farm and billion-dollar Ivanpah solar energy complex; a $500 million apartment and retail development on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles; headquarters expansion for Hyundai Motor Co. in Fountain Valley, Calif.; large hospital projects in La Jolla, Fort Irwin and Ventura, Calif.; the $272 million San Bernardino Court House; the $105 million San Jose Convention Center renovation and expansion; and a $120 million Marriott Hotel complex in Los Angeles that broke ground in April. San Francisco is seeing its share of construction, too, headlined by a billion-dollar mass transit system underway and a $120 million office building at 680 Folsom St. Up the coast, Oregon is seeing construction of an Apple data center in Prineville and downtown Seattle has all sorts of projects underway.

Pacific : Electrical Wholesalers'Sales
(in millions of dollars)

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