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Hubbell Premise Wiringannounces the release of Nextspeed Category 6 series fold down patch panels that contain a C6 48-port patch panel hinged to a 2-unit Nextframe(r) cable management panel.
The hinged design allows the cable management panel to act as a support bench during termination and provides easy access to the rear (IDC) of the panel from the front of the rack. The panels can be either directly attached to a relay rack or cabinet or wall-mounted. Nextspeed Category 6 fold-down panels are an easy solution for smaller network installations or where space is at a premium in the telecommunications closet. Hubbell Premise Wiring

Square D/Schneider Electric has added internal SURGELOGIC transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) as a new feature of its I-LINE II line of busway, providing even better performance and protection to an already-economical product for commercial and industrial applications.
The product is designed protect busway and other electrical distribution equipment from surges, because damages from transient voltage surges cost companies billions of dollars for direct damage and resulting productivity losses. The SURGELOGIC devices are now available for both styles of I-LINE II busway - feeder and plug-in - and are designed specifically for integration with SQUARE D brand equipment. Square D Co.

Greenlee recently introduced a new line of corded cable termination products to match the capabilities of their battery-powered counterparts. Greenlee is currently the only manufacturer to offer corded cable cutters, crimping tools and knockout drivers.
"We listened to end-users and found out some were concerned about their battery-powered tools running out of power, " said Jim Eisele, product manager. "Other end-users felt that since electrical power is almost always available on the job site, they would rather save money and use electrically powered tools. Now, Greenlee offers cable termination tools to meet all end-user preferences." Greenlee

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