Schneider Electric 3D Interactive Product Models Mobile App

Schneider App Goes 3D

Schneider Electric announced the release of a new 3D Interactive app for iPhones and iPads. The free, easy-to-use app puts a creative way to access information about Schneider Electric products in the palm of users’ hands. The app, which is available from the Apple iTunes store, provides users with a 360-degree view of products. Schneider started with some of its key power distribution products, and will add more such as switchgear, motor control centers and panelboards over time. At launch the app includes motor control centers, busway and H-, J- and L-frame circuit breakers.

With the tap of a finger, customers can spin a heavy motor control center 360 degrees, simulate an arc flash event, connect an Ethernet cord on the Powerbus, remove the cover from a PowerPact circuit breaker and see inside or spin an auxiliary component.

Schneider Electric 3D Interactive Product Models Mobile App
Schneider Electric 3D Interactive Product Models Mobile App

“As contractors and consultants expand their businesses, it’s becoming more important for them to have instant access to product information. We’re excited to provide them with an innovative way to conveniently access information on a digital platform,” said Fabrice Meunier, business director, Partner Projects Division, Schneider Electric., in a press release. “This app engages our customers, allowing them to have an interactive and convenient way to explore and discover Schneider Electric products.”

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