Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett talked about renewables at an Edison Electric Institute conference in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Getty images

Warren Buffett willing to double investment in wind and solar to $30 billion

While billionaire investor Warren Buffett built his fortune with conservative investments on banks, insurance companies, electric utilities consumer staple and railroads, he apparently sees big opportunities in renewables. According to this report on www.yahoo.com, Buffett told attendees at the Edison Electric Institute conference that he is ready to double Berkshire Hathaway's $15 billion investment in solar and wind to $30 billion. Said the Yahoo report:

“Describing the company's increasing investment in renewable energy at the Edison Electric Institute's annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett had to rely on a deputy, Greg Abel, to remind him just how much they'd committed: $15 billion. Without missing a beat, Buffett responded: "There's another $15 billion ready to go, as far as I'm concerned."



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