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SEIA Sounds Off On U.S.-China Trade Dispute in Solar Industry

A report  at says The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the largest lobbying group for the U.S. solar industry, has urged SolarWorld Americas, LLC to step forward and offer a specific proposal that could serve as the basis for discussions and eventually lead to a negotiated settlement in a long-running trade dispute. Says  a post by SEIA President & CEO Rhone Resch:

 “Since the divisive solar trade war first erupted several years ago, SEIA has been working tirelessly to broker a truce and achieve a win-win solution for the entire U.S. solar industry, but it take two sides to negotiate.  

“To begin with, SEIA fully supports SolarWorld’s stated goal of achieving an amicable solution to the ongoing U.S.-China solar trade conflict, as evidenced by our work to develop a settlement proposal and facilitate meetings between SolarWorld and Chinese manufacturers.  I must take issue, however, with the company’s misguided assertion that SEIA sanctions unfair trade practices.

“From the first day SolarWorld initiated trade litigation in 2011, SEIA has been steadfast in its support for the rules-based global trading system, including trade remedy proceedings.  We have also consistently stated that other foundational principles of this system – specifically, negotiations and dispute resolution – must be recognized.  Reliance on litigation alone is failing the U.S. solar industry by raising costs, disrupting U.S. manufacturing supply chains and providing no long-term solution to the growing U.S.-China solar trade conflict.  “Simply put, just because a party has the right to litigate, doesn’t mean they should.  Many times, such as here, there are much better alternatives to litigation.”

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