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Copper Investment News: Analyst at Haywood Securities Sees Possibility of $4/Pound Copper by 2016

In this Copper Investment News Q&A, Stefan Ioannou, mining analyst at Haywood Securities, lays a medium- and long-term pricing outlook for copper pricing. Here’s a snippet of what Ioannou had to say in this interesting interview by Teresa Matich.

"I see copper in that $3.25-a-pound range for this year, next year and into at least the first half of 2016, but as we hit that second half of 2016 and more so into 2017, 2018 there are some indications that we could start to see the market slip from surplus into deficit on the supply side. That’s going to obviously support copper prices higher. I don’t think seeing a four in front of the copper price is an unrealistic expectation from a medium-term perspective."

More of the Q&A in Copper Investment News

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