GE’s New LED PAR and Candle Lamps

With the launch of the GE LED PAR38 and the Dimmable LED Candle & Deco lamps GE strengthened its LED decoration lighting product line-up. The GE LED PAR38 has a brightness of 1500lm (lumens) and is an optimal lighting solution for indoor facilities with high ceilings like hotels and shopping malls. Users can easily replace halogen PAR 38 lighting fixtures that are already installed with GE LED PAR38 lamps by simply changing the bulbs.

The Dimmable LED Candle & Deco lamps can replace incandescent lamps used for hotel chandeliers. A 4.5W GE LED Candle lamp has a 20,000 hours rated life based on the L70 standard (Hours of operation the lamp will provide before reaching 70% of its original rating), which is 20 times longer than a 25W incandescent lamp (1,000 hours).

GE Lighting


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