Lighting Sets Off Art in Andrei Duman Gallery in LA Photo credit: Andrei Duman

Lighting Sets Off Art in Andrei Duman Gallery in LA

The Andrei Duman Gallery in the Westfield Topanga, a high-end mall outside Los Angeles, required many special considerations in the lighting design to bring out the vibrant colors in artistic photography.

LED lighting specialty manufacturer Soraa, Canoga Park, Calif., supplied its GaN-on-GaN lighting systems in a bid to redefine gallery design by illuminating differentiated space with no clear boundaries. The lighting illuminates a room of award-winning images from the accomplished aerial, travel and nature photographer.

For Duman, lighting his work in the gallery, which opened in Fall 2015, was an important consideration—colors had to be rendered exactly, said a Soraa release. The innovative design of the gallery itself required lighting that could be carefully controlled to accentuate the space and also be used to illuminate precise points on the artwork. Duman and his lighting designer chose Soraa LEDs to illuminate his intimate 1,500 sq. ft. gallery and the “display trees,” from which 12 double-sided images in glass frames hang and appear to float in the air.

“Great photography deserves great lighting. Colors must pop—and Soraa’s lamps are simply perfect,” said Duman. “With Soraa LEDs, I could bring out the true green and the detail that is important in my image ‘The Ghost Door’ shot in a diamond mining town in Namibia. Lighting also sets the mood in the gallery and helps the customer connect to the image. I strongly recommend that my customers use Soraa LEDs to illuminate the images they choose.”

Soraa said its unique materials technology allows its LEDs to operate at currents more than five times higher than LEDs built on other materials. This means a lot of light comes from a very small source, resulting in a narrow beam that can be controlled to crisply illuminate any area with a single shadow.

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