Princeton Athletics Lights Up Gym with Hubbell LED Lighting and Controls

Princeton Athletics Lights Up Gym with Hubbell LED Lighting and Controls

As part of Princeton University’s campus-wide lighting upgrade program, the university recently converted more than 100,000 outdated lighting fixtures to more efficient LEDs in facilities across its campus. One of the largest and most visible initiatives in the Princeton program was the conversion of 839 lighting fixtures that illuminated the main floor of the 250,000 square-foot world-class Jadwin Gym.

By replacing the existing high-bay fixtures, Princeton’s energy management team estimates energy savings of approximately 40%. Controls optimization should add an additional 20% to 40% energy savings. It’s estimated the total return on the investment in the Jadwin Gym Lighting upgrade to be less than six years.

After several years of R&D through multiple manufacturer samples, Princeton and its partners chose Hubbell Industrial Lighting LED Lunabay Series Highbays specially designed for light-retail, gym and light industrial spaces. The LED highbays provide Princeton with long-lasting, efficient lighting and enable appropriate light levels, uniformity, and CRI required for televised broadcasts of games. The lighting has a life of 50,000 hours, dramatically reducing facility staff time spent on aerial high-reach lifts to replace thousands of burnt-out metal-halide lamps and failed ballasts.

The university worked with Hubbell Lighting, Greenville, S.C., on the gym retrofit, which was particularly challenging because of television broadcasts, sustainability needs, a uniquely domed roof and a restricted installation schedule. “The unique design and size of Jadwin Gymnasium presented university officials, its designers and specifiers with a significant, yet rewarding, challenge,” said Clayton Smith, director of business development at Hubbell Lighting, in the press release. “Together we were able to develop a solution that enhanced the environment, met key energy saving criteria and achieved necessary standards for television, all while playing to the strengths of the facility without detracting from its uniqueness. We trust the players, coaches, staff, students, faculty and fans will all enjoy the new aesthetic of the facility and we hope the new lights bring plenty of luck to all the Tiger teams.”

Hubbell Building Automation said it developed a level of control for the new lighting rarely found in university athletic arenas. This was an important factor given the size of the facility — more than eight football fields. With wiSCAPE by Hubbell Building Automation, facility managers have the ability to illuminate the entire space for large events or reduce lighting levels with precision — down to a specific row in the spectator bleachers.

Jadwin Gym is not only home to the NCAA-level basketball court and indoor track, but also hosts special events that have included special speakers such as the Dalai Lama, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Eddie Murphy. It also serves as a location for the annual university prom, concerts and for large forum dinner events.

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