The SOURCE Lighting Education Center Marks 25 Years Courtesy of Eaton Lighting

The SOURCE Lighting Education Center Marks 25 Years

The lighting education center at the headquarters of Eaton’s lighting business, Peachtree City, Ga., formerly Cooper Lighting, is celebrating a quarter-century as a premier fixture in lighting education. Dubbed the SOURCE Lighting Education Center, the center has educated over 150,000 professionals and students including lighting and interior designers, architects, utilities personnel, facility managers, retail planners, electrical contractors, energy-saving companies, engineers, distributors, builders, landscape architects, university students and end-users. The lighting educational facility offers a mix of lighting workshops, symposiums and an interactive, hands-on learning experience.

“Members of many professional organizations are required to earn some form of continuing education credits to stay current with their knowledge and skills and to maintain their professional standing,” said SOURCE Manager Rebecca Hadley-Catter, Eaton’s Lighting Division. “The SOURCE supports this nationally recognized measurement of accomplishment by providing seminars and workshops on the industry's latest technologies, product solutions, codes and standards updates and trends, which are pre-certified educational opportunities to obtain such recognition.”

The list of currently available seminars and workshops for 2016 gives a good taste of the breadth and depth of courses offered at the SOURCE:

February 24 – 26:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

March 3 – 4:  Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop

March 10 – 11:  LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

April 13 – 15:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

May 18 – 20:  LEDs Controls, New Technologies and Retrofits for Energy Efficient Solutions

June 2 – 3:  Healthcare Symposium

June 9 – 10:  LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

July 27 – 29:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

August 15 – 16:  LEDs & New Technology for Residential Lighting

September 8 – 9:   Healthcare Lighting Solutions Workshop

September 14 – 16:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

October 5 – 7:  LEDs Controls, New Technologies and Retrofits for Energy Efficient Solutions

November 2 – 4:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

November 10 – 11:  LED Exterior Lighting Solutions

December 7 – 9:  Lighting Fundamentals/Lighting Basics

For full course descriptions and additional information or to register, visit the SOURCE website.

In addition to these courses, the SOURCE can offer customized programs and timely updates of recent developments and technologies in the lighting industry.

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