MR16 LED Lamps

Cree’s MR16 Series LED lamp delivers the soft, diffused light of a traditional 50Wt halogen MR16 lamp, and is designed for global compatibility with virtually all existing sockets. They consume up to 83%t less energy and are designed to meet ENERGY STAR qualification to deliver a rapid payback of less than one year. Featuring a design that delivers greater than 580 lumens in conjunction with a proprietary lens, Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamps eliminate the glare commonly associated with 50W halogen MR16 lamps to deliver a soft, diffused light with category-leading Color Rendering Index of 92. Cree MR16 Series TrueWhite LED lamps are dimmable and available in 15-degree spot, 25-degree flood and 40-degree wide flood beam angles in a 1.97-inch ANSI-compliant form factor, allowing them to easily fit into existing tracks for a one-for-one replacement.



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