Residential LED downlights for retrofits

Residential LED downlights for retrofits

MaxLite has introduced these Energy Star-qualified damp-listed, six-inch LED Residential Downlight Retrofits for baths, covered porches, foyers and other high-ceiling applications. Designed as energy-efficient replacements for 75W and 120W incandescent fixtures, the downlights are available in 12W and 19W, respectively, and deliver up to 1,200 lumens. These retrofits can be purchased with rebates of up to $60 from utilities nationwide, with minimum wattage reductions.

Offered in a 2,700K correlated color temperature (CCT), the six-inch downlights capture the warmth and ambiance of incandescents. The retrofits are dimmable down to 10 percent for additional energy savings, allowing customers to tailor the light output to their tastes. The retrofits, which utilize torsion springs for easy installation in recessed cans, are supplied with an integral 120-volt power supply for optimal operation and are suitable for many commercial and institutional applications, including schools, retailers, hotels and restaurants.



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