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Stylish LED Fixture for Paths and Walkways

Fusing a contemporary urban design with advanced LED technology, the KicK combines form and function where it matters most—on the pedestrian scale. The pole and luminaire are stylishly integrated into one bold angular design that delivers an elegant low glare solution for walkways, paths and building entrances.  The luminaire is available in three color temperatures (3,000K, 4,200K, ,); three optical distributions (Type 2, 3 and 4); two popular sizes for flexibility (K4, 4-inches and K5, 5-inches); and three configurable mounting options including integral pole, tenon mount and side mount. AAL’s KicK features integral surge and thermal protection, is 0-10V dimming ready and is compatible with a number of wired and wireless controls system including Hubbell Lighting’s wiHUBB.

AAL/Hubbell Lighting


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