Underwater specialty cable

Underwater specialty cable

This Underwater Specialty Cable from Kerite is custom built for a broad range of applications that require direct contact with water. The company’s EPR insulation formula enables the cables to operate underwater without the need for an impervious barrier such as a lead sheath making installation easier and cost-efficient. In addition to the discharge-resistant EPR insulation, the Underwater Specialty Cable offers numerous other features including an additional polyethylene jacket; stranded, filled 5kV-35kV copper conductors; and a shielded by a non-conducting Permashield stress control layer and a copper tape or concentric wire metallic shield.

Galvanized steel armor wires with individual HDPE jacketing offer additional protection. Kerite also offers a variety of options for custom builds. Optional 10 mil Bronze Tape for teredo protection, an optional separate copper grounding wire, and an optional fiber optic member are available. The cable can also be customized to meet the needs of the specific application.


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