Product Depot

Product Depot

Cord reel

The new tri-tap reels from Reelcraft supply enough power for up to three electrical implements where and when users need it. This new Reelcraft accessory option is based on the L4000 series reel platform. Models are available in 16/3 or 12/3 cord and either standard triple tap or GFCI protected triple tap. For additional information call Reelcraft at 1-800-444-3134 or visit the company's website:
Reelcraft /

Industrial headlamp

The EOS Industrial Headlamp boasts 80 lumens of light, a Maxbright LED that’s great for both localized needs as well as spotting a target up to 60 meters away, 3AAA batteries (which are included), and 121 hours of burn time. The EOS offers high, medium, low and flash output modes. Meets UL Div.1 Class 2, is waterproof, compact and includes a rubber strap for hard hat use along with a nylon strap for use as a standard headlamp.
PrincetonTec / PrincetonTec

Nonmetallic box

Arlington Industries' 8161CB nonmetallic corner-mount box mounts security cameras, detectors and fixtures weighing up to 50 lbs. face-down on corners. The box is designed for interior or exterior dry, damp or wet locations, has an integral corner-mount bracket, and is UV-rated for long outdoor life. The boxes are also available with ground clips for Canadian orders.
Arlington Industries / Arlington Industries

Old-school bulbs

Designed to preserve the look of early 20th-century lighting, Bulbrite’s Nostalgic collection is designed for applications that need a little vintage flair. Included in the Nostalgic line of products are the Spiral T14, Thread T14, ST18 and G30, Hairpin T9, ST18, as well as the Loop A19, A21 and A23. Each lamp has an E26 base, a life of 3,000 hours and gives off a warm, amber glow. The T14, Thread ST18 and G30 lamps are offered in 40W, the Hairpin T9 lamp is offered in 20W and the Loop A19, A21 and A23 are offered in 25W and 40W styles. A vintage-inspired suitcase counter display is offered to showcase any four Nostalgic lamps from this extensive collection.
Bulbrite / Bulbrite


The Replacement Unisplice simplifies the permanent replacement of existing tension automatic splices. Using reliable compression technology, the Replacement Unisplice combines two splices into one and eliminates the need to find “like” conductor. Failing automatic splices can now be replaced with dependable compression splices in half the time. Because the Replacement Unisplice fills the void of the cutout splice, sag is easily maintained. Burndy offers nine sizes to replace line splices on AAC, AAAC, Compressed, and single core ACSR conductors ranging from #4 up to 556.5 kcmil. Each splice is prefilled with Penetrox, an oxide inhibitor, to minimize oxide growth and improve long term performance.
Burndy /

Thermal imager

Milwaukee Tool Corp. has expanded its Test and Measurement line and M12™ LITHIUM-ION system with the introduction of the new 160x120 Thermal Imager. Designed for professional preventative maintenance and troubleshooting applications, the new tool features 160x120 pixel, high-resolution thermal images, a visual camera for standard pictures, and a broad temperature range. The Thermal Imager kit also includes report software that makes analyzing images and generating reports quick-and-easy. Electrical contractors and other end users simply download images from the thermal imager with the included 2GB SD card or USB connection port.
Milwaukee Tool / Milwaukee Tool

VDV tool kit for apprentices

To help new hires, basic technicians and apprentices succeed in the low-voltage field, Ideal Industries introduced its new Low Voltage Starter Kit. Housed in a rugged mechanic’s bag, the kit is an essential selection of professional tools for both coaxial cable and twisted-pair wiring. Anyone who does work in a telco closet, network infrastructure or basic video/coax maintenance in residential and commercial buildings will appreciate this kit. The Low Voltage Starter Kit (#33-920) includes: Telemaster crimper for RJ-11 and RJ-45 connectors; an economy F-connector compression tool; a cable/satellite/CCTV coax stripper; a non-impact Turn-Lock style punchdown tool with replacement blades; a Data T-Cutter; a Crimpmaster crimp tool for CATV; and a UTP/STP ringer stripper with blade.
Ideal Industries / Ideal Industries

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