Channel Marketing Group Launches New Distributor Feedback Tool for Reps

Channel Marketing Group, Raleigh, N.C., has introduced “Uncover for Manufacturer Reps,” a new program that helps independent manufacturers' reps to solicit feedback from their distributors. The tool includes a Distributor Satisfaction Index (DSI) that helps manufacturer rep agencies identify how they perform for their distributors, determine where they need to improve and promote how well they are serving their distributors to their manufacturers.

According to one rep who inquired about the service at the recent NEMRA meeting, “This can be key in getting more input from distributor personnel and helping me further differentiate my agency for the long run. I can take this information and develop a longer range strategic plan.” For more information about Uncover for Manufacturer Reps, contact David Gordon at 919-488-8635 or at [email protected] or Stan Rydzynski at 516-391-1191 or at [email protected].

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