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NEMRA Announces Manufacturer Seminar

NEMRA's Representative Productivity Maximization (RPM) seminar is scheduled for September 12-13 in Chicago.

The two-day seminar was created to allow manufacturers in the electrical industry to maximize their working relationships with their field sales forces — the independent electrical manufacturers representative.

The interactive seminar taught by industry professionals provides:

  • Advice on recruiting, hiring and mentoring reps

  • Information on the challenges presented by e-commerce, globalization, multi-line conflicts and chaos in the distribution channel

  • A complete manual with useful forms and information resources

  • On-going opportunities for networking and learning In addition to the traditional seminar format, seminars also can be customized for factories and other locations.

The RPM session is set for the Arthur Andersen Center for Professional Education, St. Charles, Ill., approximately 35 miles from Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Registration information may be obtained from NEMRA headquarters by calling (914) 524-8650.

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