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FCGrsquos Tom OrsquoConnor led a panel discussion on the NEMRA Rep of the Future study at the NEMRA annual conference on the recently published NEMRAFarmington Consulting Group ldquoRep of the Futurerdquo study On the panel were leftright John Hoffman Legrand Jim Johnson Calpipe Troy Jennings John Moore amp Associates Kelly Boyd ElectroRep electrical contractor Randy Hirotsu Rosendin Electric and CEDrsquos Joe Huffman Photo by NEMRA
<p>FCG&rsquo;s Tom O&rsquo;Connor led a panel discussion on the NEMRA Rep of the Future study at the NEMRA annual conference on the recently published NEMRA/Farmington Consulting Group &ldquo;Rep of the Future&rdquo; study. On the panel were (left-right) John Hoffman, Legrand; Jim Johnson, Calpipe; Troy Jennings, John Moore &amp; Associates; Kelly Boyd, ElectroRep; electrical contractor Randy Hirotsu, Rosendin Electric; and CED&rsquo;s Joe Huffman.</p>

The Rep of the Future: Part 2, Sales Technology and Demand Creation

Editor&rsquo;s note. To help its rep and manufacturer members understand the impact of the sea changes affecting the rep&rsquo;s role in the electrical market and to provide a roadmap for future growth in our evolving market environment, the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association (NEMRA), Portsmouth, N.H., asked Farmington Consulting Group (FCG), Farmington, Conn., to survey independent manufacturers&rsquo; reps, electrical manufacturers, electrical distributors, electrical contractors and other buying influences on what they think about the rep&rsquo;s role today and in the future. FCG&rsquo;s first Rep of the Future study for NEMRA was published in 2009. That study and the 2015 study, which was released last month at the annual NEMRA conference, explore five critical areas for reps in today&rsquo;s market: strategy management, technology, marketing, talent management and demand creation. Electrical Wholesaling published the first excerpt of this study in the February issue, and in this issue we are running part 2. The first excerpt highlighted the impact of several key industry macrotrends on independent manufacturers&rsquo; reps and electrical manufacturers that go to market with NEMRA reps. This article will drill down into the study&rsquo;s findings on the need for reps to operate more efficiently and to use sales technology more effectively. Part 3, which will run in Electrical Wholesaling&rsquo;s April issue, will look at the new sales roles independent manufacturers&rsquo; reps will need to develop. Part 1: The Rep of the Future Part 3: The Role of Sales and Marketing

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