Rep wins with first book: The Sales Force

"I always expected that Prime Devices Corporation would have a 20th anniversary," says Cohon. "But I never guessed that two weeks after I finished writing The Sales Force, the Manufacturers' Agents National Association (MANA) would buy the rights to print 10,000 copies, and that they would be in print so quickly."
Inspiration for The Sales Force came from classes Cohon took as part of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business MBA program. "I saw an link between the Operations Management class and the Sales Force Management class, and just started writing," he says. "The funny thing is that the book came out before I completed the MBA program, which really came as a surprise.
"There are a lot of great books written about being a part of a sales force or managing a sales force," he says. "But when I read a textbook, my favorite parts are the anecdotes the author used to illustrate his point. That's why my book is written as the story of a semi-fictional character who makes all of the biggest mistakes I've ever made or heard that other sales people made."
More information about The Sales Force is available at, or by calling MANA at 877-626-2776. The book is available to MANA members for $15, and MANA sister organizations for $20. Cost to non-members is $30.

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