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Springfield Electric Endorses NEMRA POS Standards

More than 50 manufacturers/brands, national chains and independent distributors have already endorsed NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards.

Springfield Electric Supply, Springfield, IL, recently joined over 50 manufacturers/brands, national chains and leading independent distributors in endorsing NEMRA’s POS Minimum Reporting Standards. While Springfield has provided suppliers with POS information, as it grows it recognizes the increased importance of local support.

According to Mark Barthel, the company’s president, “We are committed to, and firmly believe, in the value of local NEMRA representation, and that the local representative should be compensated for what they sell in support of Springfield Electric in their assigned territories.  We support the local independent representations as true partners of Springfield Electric and NEMRA as a key member association in the industry.

“As a former manufacturer who worked with manufacturer reps, I appreciate the value that they bring to distribution and to a supplier. Their efforts should be appropriately compensated. Standardized POS initiatives helps us as a distributor streamline processes and share pertinent information with our suppliers to help in this initiative.”

Jim Johnson, NEMRA’s president, said in the press release, “Springfield is a progressive, leading, distributor in our industry. As an independent growing organically and through acquisition, it’s exciting to see such a company support the needs of local representation to be appropriately compensated for their efforts.”

For more information on NEMRA’s POS initiative, to read the research, and see which manufacturers and distributors have endorsed and adopted the standards click here.

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