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SolarCity to resume plans for installation of battery storage systems for power produced by rooftop PV systems in Golden State

In a win for SolarCity Corp., a growing provider of rooftop photovoltaic systems, the California Public Utility Commission said the state’s utilities can no longer impose “charges including connection fees of as much as $800,” according to this Bloomberg report.

The Bloomberg article said: “SolarCity Corp. will resume applications to connect energy-storage systems in California after regulators said they’re exempt from utility fees. The commission typically adopts these proposed decisions and a final ruling may come as early as May 15.

SolarCity in March stopped applying to install and connect storage systems for hundreds of customers in the state because utilities were requiring a series of applications and fees that made the process onerous. Combining rooftop solar panels with batteries to retain the energy for later use makes people less dependent on local power companies, a potential threat to the utility monopoly.”

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