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2010's The Five Largest Electrical Distributors

Company Name Town/City 2010 Revenue Electrical employees Number of U.S. locations:
Sonepar North America* Paris, France 5,238,000,000 NA 582
Rexel (Rexel/Gexpro)* Dallas 4,793,000,000 7,436 531
Graybar Electric Co. * St. Louis, MO 4,616,377,000 7,000 245
WESCO International** Pittsburgh 4,198,420,000 6,800 325
Consolidated Electrical Distributors Westlake Village, CA NA 6,200e 578

In 2010, the five largest electrical distributors had an estimated $22.68 billion in revenue and operated 2,261 branches. EW estimates in 2010 the five largest distributors operate a total of 90 fewer branches the number of branches than in 2009. These five companies accounted for 28 percent of industry sales, according to Electrical Wholesaling sales data. (*All data for North Amerca / **World-wide employment data; other data for North America)
The World's Two Largest Electrical Distributors
Company Name Town/City Revenue Electrical employees Number of locations:
Sonepar SA, Paris* Paris, France $19.32 billion 31,518 2,015
Rexel SA, Paris** Dallas $17.3 billion 28,000 2,200
(*2009 sales data/ **2010 company data)

The two largest distributors in the world operate more than 4,000 branches between them and have more than 59,000 employees. While Sonepar has not yet published its 2010 sales, it's safe to say these two companies did more than $35 billion in combined sales in 2010.

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