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2013 Top 200 Top 25 Electrical Distributors As Ranked By SalesPerEmployee

2013 Top 200: Top 25 Electrical Distributors As Ranked By Sales-Per-Employee

As in the past, specialty distributors, which tend to have fewer customers and employees than full-line electrical distributors, dominate the list of distributors as ranked by sales per employee. The companies here were among those respondents that provided both a 2012 sales number and an employee count for publication in this year’s listing. More than a dozen other distributors (both full-line and specialists) would have been in this listing but asked their sales data be used confidentially. The average sales-per-employee for the 17 respondents who identified themselves as specialists was $1,192,532, while the figure for the 115 respondents who identified themselves as full-line electrical distributors was $684,384. That’s in the same ballpark as last year’s figure for full-line distributors of $666,635.

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