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The Top 200 - Meet 2015's 50 Largest Distributors

Find out which electrical distributors are ranked as the Top 200's  50 Largest Electrical Distributors -- and get more detailed information on these companies by clicking on the links to capsule summaries on each of them.

Electrical Wholesaling's editors will be posting the entire 2015 Top 200 listing by June 15, and will be adding more capsule summaries over the next few weeks.

We will only have capsule summaries for the  2015 Top 200 distributors that provided responded to this year's survey, where we had data from recent Top 200 listings, or where we could find the data from other dependable sources. If  you would like to provide additional data for your company, or send along an image of your company's senior executive, please email it to Jim Lucy, chief editor, Electrical Wholesaling, at [email protected]

Footnote: NA - Not available; * - Data for North America; ** - Worldwide data; # -Acquired in 2014; ## - Acquired in 2015

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