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Top as Ranked by Sales-Per-Employee

As in the past, utility distributors, which tend to have fewer customers and employees than full-line electrical distributors, dominate the list of distributors as ranked by sales-per-employee. The companies here were among those respondents that provided both a 2010 sales number and an employee count in this year's listing. The average sales-per-employee for the 132 companies that provided data for both 2010 sales and number of employees was $624,204.

Rank Company Headquarters Sales Per Employee
1 Rural Electric Supply Cooperative (RESCO) Middleton, WI 2,468,085
2 Western United Electrical Supply Brighton, OH 2,148,276
3 Cooperative Electric Energy Supply Inc. (CEE-US) West Columbia, SC 2,083,333
4 Tri State Utility Products Inc. Marietta, GA 2,000,000
5 International Electrical Sales Corp. Miami 1,600,000
6 Power Line Supply Company (Utility Supply and Construction Co.) Reed City, MI 1,564,103
7 General Pacific Inc. Fairview, OR 1,343,750
8 Gresco Utility Supply Inc. Forsyth, GA 1,317,708
9 OneSource Distributors Oceanside, CA 1,172,414
10 Omni Cable Corp. West Chester, PA 1,109,375
11 The Reynolds Co. Fort Worth, TX 1,105,714
12 Sunrise Electric Supply Addison, IL 959,459
13 Professional Electrical Products Co. (PEPCO) Willoughby, OH 959,184
14 Industrial Electric Wire & Cable (IEWC) New Berlin, WI 942,857
15 Atlanta Electrical Distributors Duluth, GA 880,000
16 Connexion Buffalo Grove, IL 875,000
17 Gallant & Wein Corp. Long Island City, NY 861,111
18 LaSalle Electric Supply Livonia, MI 857,519
19 Codale Electric Supply, Inc. Salt Lake City 832,736
20 Villa Lighting Supply St. Louis, MO 819,444
21 Advance Electrical Supply Co. Inc. Chicago 813,421
22 Houston Wire & Cable Houston 811,900
23 Independent Electric Supply Inc. San Carlos, CA 810,870
24 Wholesale Electric Supply Company of Houston Inc. Houston 802,752
25 Border States Industries Inc. Fargo, ND 758,697

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