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IDEA Acquires DATAgility

May 18, 2022
This acquisition expands IDEA’s data management services capabilities.

Industry Data Exchange Association Inc. (IDEA) Arlington, VA, is acquiring data management services provider, DATAgility. The acquisition is expected to be finalized late June.

DATAgility has worked with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors to provide high-quality data management services that have helped companies achieve sales growth, strengthen brand loyalty, and accelerate ROI for PIM, ERP, and e-commerce systems. DATAgility’s team led by Denise Keating has contributed to the development of industry data standards (including electrical and automotive) for decades and brings substantial data management expertise to the IDEA organization.

The co-owners of IDEA, NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) fully support the acquisition and have worked with DATAgility on several industry initiatives throughout the years including the NAED X-Check program and IDEA Connector’s Harmonized Data Model (HDM).  “Distributors need to continue to grow their digital initiatives to keep up with increased customer demand for more product information. By IDEA and DATAgility joining forces, the industry will have a complete resource for product data,” said Tom Naber, president of NAED, in the press release.

“Acquiring DATAgility helps position IDEA to accelerate the Harmonized Data Model Initiative and adds expertise to further support our mission and our customers," said David Oldfather, president and CEO of IDEA, in the press release.

After the acquisition is finalized, IDEA will provide additional information on how the DATAgility leadership team — Denise Keating, Angela Baraks, Tammy Mortell, and Brett Anderson — will be structured within IDEA.

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